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From the Front and Università degli Studi di Bologna


Back to the Front

Cesena, Italy

A Free* event dedicated to front-end developers and designers.

One day packed with 6 talks, 3 workshops and 1 party

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3pm – 10pm


9/9:30am – 1pm


'till 1am

After the conference there will be time to drink something and to chat with speakers and other attendees


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A limited edition t-shirt commemorating the conference will be hand printed next week for everyone that ordered it. We will take orders until wednesday 21th.

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Sept. 29th
University of Bologna
Scientific dept. of Cesena - Italy
Via Sacchi 3
Cesena - Italy

Map of Back to the Front

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*From the Front events are usually free and we want to continue on this path, but we need to collect 10 euros from each of you because of the limited space we have for the conference: we noticed that if we go totally free a lot of people claims to be there and then does not show up. That would be a pity with such great speakers: we want the people who really wants to be there to be able to actually be there.